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Meet our new American Girl Doll, Ivy!


Meet Ivy! Ivy Ling is a Chinese American girl and comes to us from the distant past of 1970s just like Julie! In fact, Ivy and Julie are best friends (Julie nicknamed her "Poison Ivy"). Ivy loves gymnastic and hates to mess up in front of a crowd. You can read about her in her book "Good Luck, Ivy". Also Ivy plays a major role in Julie's books, Happy New Year, Julie!The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter, and Lost in the City.

If you'd like to borrow Ivy, stop in to the library to check her out, as long as she is available! Each doll can be checked out for a week at at time and you can also borrow accessories and extra clothes! In addition to Ivy, Green Tree Public Library is also home to 19 other dolls available for check out:

Addy: an American girl from 1865, a formerly enslaved person living during the American Civil War

Amara: an American girl of today, an Indian-American girl living here in Green Tree, a custom doll only available here

Courtney: an American girl from 1986, living in California with her blended family 

Felicity: an American girl from 1774, living in Williamsburg, VA just before the American Revolution 

Gabriela: an American girl of today, a dancer and poet from Philadelphia

Hermione: a custom doll based on the Harry Potter books, available only at Green Tree Public library

Josefina: a Mexican girl from 1821, just after the Mexican Revolution and before Santa Fe became part of the United States

Julie: an American girl from 1974, living in San Francisco 

Kaya: a Nimíipuu girl from 1764, living in the Pacific Northwest with her tribe

Kirsten: an American girl from 1854, an immigrant girl from Sweden

Kit: an American girl from 1934, living during the Great Depression 

Logan: an American boy of today, a drummer and touring musician 

Luciana: an American girl of today, a Chilean-American girl who dreams of travelling to space one day

Maryellen: an American girl from 1954, during the Cold War

Melody: an American girl from 1964, living in Detroit during the Civil Rights movement

Nanea: an American girl from 1941, a Hawaiian-American girl living during World War II

Rebecca: an American girl from 1914, a Jewish-American girl living in New York

Samantha: an American girl from 1904, during the turn of the century 

The library has been lucky enough to support such a large collection of dolls through the support of ACLA, Green Tree Women's Civic Club and a number of private donors. If you would like to contribute to this amazing program, make a donation today. Your donation will go to inspiring a love of reading and history in the children of Green Tree for years to come. Click here to donate>>>