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Making Way for Baby Chicks: An Update

The eggs have arrived and tucked into their incubator, growing, and waiting to hatch on April 5 and 6! To be fair, there is not much to see yet. In the meantime, you can learn all about baby chickens and their many adventures through these books.

For reading to your little ones:

1) Five Fuzzy Chicks, by Diana Murray (2020). Library section: E Farm. A bedtime story about sleepy little chicks and their mother, with gentle rhyming schemes.

2) The Runaway Chick, by Katy Hudson (2017). Library section: E Farm. A big brother chick must chase his baby brother (who has hatched but is running around with the eggshell on his head).

3) Chicken Says “Cluck!”, by Judyann Grant (2002). Library section: ER GRA. A curious chicken desires to help with gardening but finds an unconventional way of helping.

For those just learning to read independently:

4) Chicken Talk, by Patricia Maclachlan (2019). Library section: E Farm. A group of chickens learn to communicate – and protest – using literal chicken scratches in the dirt.

5) Louise: The Adventures of a Chicken, by Louise DiCamillo (2008). Library section: E Popular Authors. Also available in audio book form. A brave, adventurous chicken sets sail for adventure.

6) Peggy: A Brave Chicken on a Big Adventure, by Anna Walker (2014). Library section: E Birds. A suburban chicken seeks adventure in the big city.

7) Chickens to the Rescue!, by John Himmelman (2006). Library section: E Birds. An exhausted farming couple is assisted by their chicken flock

8) Hurry, Hurry!, by Eve Bunting (2007). Library section: E Farm. A joyful celebration of new life on the farm.

9) P. Zonka Lays an Egg, by Julie Paschkis (2015). Library section: E Birds. A Ukrainian tradition is explained with the help of one chicken.

10) Mama Hen’s Big Day! by Jill Latter (2013). Library section: E Birds. A mother chicken seeks the best place to safely lay her eggs.

11) Chicken Lily, by Lori Mortensen (2016). Library section: E Emotions. A shy chick gains confidence through poetry.

12) Daisy Comes Home, by Jan Brett (2003). Library section: E Popular Authors. A girl’s chicken has an adventure floating down a river in China.

For slightly older readers:

13) Chick-napped!, by Carolyn Keene (2010). Library section: Juvenile fiction. Nancy Drew and her friends are on the case – their classroom’s newborn chicks have been stolen! This is a short chapter book.

14) Chickens, by Robin Nelson (2009). Library section: Juvenile nonfiction. An informational picture book about chickens.