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How Much Is Your Library Visit Worth?

Next time you visit the library, be sure to look for our newest feature. Starting today, our checkout receipts will not only include your due dates, but also the value of the items borrowed that day. One of our staff members tested this out by checking out four books, a total savings of $64.00, which would be the total cost of purchasing the four books from a retail store. The slips will also calculate the savings on DVDs, music CDs, Playways and other materials. As you can imagine, these numbers really add up over the course of a month, a year and a lifetime! 

Are you interested in learning more about what your library transactions, outside of borrowed materials, are worth? The What's Your Library Worth website provides the value of services and resources, including attending programs, using dabases and requesting an innerlibrary loan. 

As stewards of taxpayer money, we take pride in stretching a dollar and adding value to the lives of our patrons.