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Pokemon Hunt Continues!

Sunday, October 1, 2023
Green Tree Parks

Go on a Pokémon scavenger hunt this fall (during the months of September and October) all over Green Tree! Pick up a paper Pokédex from the library or download it here starting on September 1st. Then search local parks for Pokemon rocks, checking them off your sheet as you go. Return the scavenger hunt sheets to the library by November 1st for a chance to win a prize. (We also ask that the rocks be left where they are for other participants to find.) This is for all ages and requires no registration.

Rocks will be located in the following places around Green Tree: Green Tree Park, Hale Park, Municipal Center Park, the Nature Center, Parkedge Park, Rook Park, Wilson Park and Pool (outside the pool area), and around the library and municipal building. You do NOT need to find every Pokémon rock in order to turn in your checklist, we just ask that you try your best!.