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Movie Surprise Packs

Movie Surprise Packs

Looking for a way to spend a fun night at home? Request a movie surprise pack! Answer the questions below and a librarian will select a custom pack of three movies for you. In addition to three DVDs each pack will come with a few activities and a snack! Movie surprise packs can be made for adults, kids, or the whole family. We are happy to mix and match age ranges and genres to meet your needs, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive exactly what you’ve asked for due to limited availability, but we’ll do our best!

A few things to know

  • Each household may have one movie surprise pack at a time.
  • Movie surprise packs may take a few days to assemble and are dependent on demand and staffing. A librarian will contact you when your pack is ready for pick up
  • When your pack is ready to pick up you can come during our regular hours, Monday 10-8, Wednesday 1-8, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10-5
  •  After you are done with your movies they can be returned individually, just like you would return any other DVD
  • The other items included with your pack (NOT the DVDs) are yours to keep!
  • You can still check out other materials as usual
  • We hope you to surprise you with some movies you’re going to love (and maybe some you’ll love to hate!)
First Name *
Last Name *
Who Is this movie surprise pack for?
Each surprise pack comes with three movies. We can include movies for just one age range or mix and match ages. Please select your preferences above. You will let us know how many movies for each age range next.
Please let us know how many movies do you want for each age range? Please remember you will only receive 3 DVDs. For example: 1 whole family movie, 1 teen movie or 3 adult movies.
If you selected younger children would you like to receive a TV series set as one of your choices?
What movie ratings would you like?
Please select what movie ratings you would prefer to receive. We will only include R rated movies if you indicate that you would like an R rated movie.
What genres of movie would you like to watch?
The library has tons of movies! We can't guarantee any particular film (or even if you'll like it!) but we'll try our best. Please select up to FOUR genres below so that we'll know what type of movies to pick out for you. FYI: you are not guaranteed to receive all the genres you select, your movie pack is highly dependent on what is available at the library at the time of your request. Some genres are not as common as others and may be more difficult to fulfill. We hope you enjoy the surprise!
Is this your first move surprise pack?
Your first pack contains an extra surprise!
For example: a type of movie you can't stand, an actor you love, ages of the children who will be watching the movies, etc.