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Library Hours: Monday - Thursday: 10:00a.m. - 9:00p.m. -- Friday & Saturday: 10:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. -- Closed Sundays
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The Green Tree Public Library is grateful to those who donate both their time and money to support the library. The needs of the library are great and every little bit helps. Find out how you can help the library by reading the sections below.

Questions: Please contact the library by phone (412) 921.9292 or email,

Donating Materials

The Green Tree Library happily accepts donated materials. Donated items need to be in good condition. Cookbooks, works of fiction (especially mysteries), childrens books, and gently used CDs and DVDs are greatly appreciated. The library will not accept sets of encyclopedias, Readers Digest condensed books, magazines, old textbooks or books that are damaged. All donations become the property of the Green Tree Public Library and may be disposed of at the discretion of the Library Director. A receipt may be obtained upon request at the time of donation.

Please Note: The library encourages you to donate materials only durring our designated book collection days, which are on the first Saturday of every month. Donating materials is not encouraged at other times.

Gifts of Money

The Green Tree Public Library is pleased to receive gifts of money. We will always welcome your help and appreciate your generosity. Click HERE to make an electronic donation to the Green Tree Library using your credit card. Donations may also be made in person or mailed to the Green Tree Public Library, 10 W. Manilla Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15220. All checks should be made payable to "Green Tree Public Library." You can also contribute to the library by including our code on your United Way Donation form. Our United Way Number is 992844.

Memorials and Honor Books

You can also honor the memory or anniversary of a relative, friend or business associate by purchasing an honor book. For each donation, the library selects a book (pertaining to the donor's request) to receive a book plate bearing the name of the donor and name(s) of the honored parties. Click HERE to access a printable order form.